A true supplement to your child’s learning

“EPL’s Enrichment Class was PERFECT for my 4-year-old. He attends preschool 3 days/week and we wanted something that gave him consistent experience with other kids.”

-mother of a 4-year-old preschooler

“I love how EPL changes the enrichment activities each semester. My twin girls have engaged in Yoga, Lego, Music, Art, Cooking, and Gymnastics! Such a wonderful variety!”

-mother of twin 3-year-old girls

What is PreK/TK enrichment?

Our PreK/TK Enrichment class is a true supplement to your child’s current learning schedule. This class is perfect for children who already attend preschool and can benefit from new experiences with new children in a new environment. Children who attend this class have opportunities to master and transfer skills learned in previous learning environments. Goals are fostering autonomy, self-esteem, and solidifying social and behavioral skills.

*Prior preschool experience is not required.

Ideally, your child enrolls for all three semesters, which will expose them to six different enrichment activities! The enrichment activities include: Art & Music (Fall Semester), Lego & Yoga (Winter Semester), Cooking & Gymnastics (Spring Semester). Each pair of activities is carefully selected to challenge each side of the brain, work on gross and fine motor skills, and build the sensory system- our true foundation for learning.

We offer a 2x/week option and a 1x/week option.

Our 2x/week option includes free play, circle, snack, and a one-hour enrichment class. Our 1x/week option includes free play, circle, snack, a one-hour enrichment class, a second short free play, a second more academic circle, a structured group activity, and lunch (packed).

  • ages 3-5

    • Tuesday/Thursday 9:00-11:00 (2x/week option)

    • Tuesday 9:00-12:30 lunch bunch OR 12:30-4:00 lunch bunch (1x/week option)

  • Enrichment Activity rotates

    • Fall- Art & Music

    • Winter- Lego & Yoga

    • Spring- Cooking & Gymnastics

  • Ratio- 12 children: 2-3 teachers

  • 11-week semester (Fall only)

    • 2x/week = $1,090

    • 1x/week = $935

  • 10-week semester

    • 2x/week = $990

    • 1x/week = $850


what is a semester program?

The Enrich Play Learn Semester Programs are our flagship programs. Offered from September through May (Fall, Winter, and Spring) in 10-week blocks, these programs were carefully designed to save parents time while supplementing your child’s learning with multiple enrichment activities under one roof. Our small class size encourages social skills, while our structured and free play activities support motor development and academics. Each class follows the same routine, which gives children a sense of control and feelings of success. Two enrichment activities are offered each semester on alternate days. Intended to challenge different sides of the brain, these enrichment activities are the centerpiece of this program.

Our semester programs include: Preschool Prep, TK/Preschool Enrichment, and Social Skills Group (no enrichment activity).

private play group

Looking for a private class? If you have six, same-aged children we are happy to work with you on creating a private enrichment group!


Bring a backpack with the following items:

  • Diapers, if needed

  • A reusable water bottle

  • Wear comfortable clothing, we are shoes free indoors

  • An extra pair of clothes

  • A smile!

Daily Flow

Drop off and Free Play – We can't wait to see you!

Opening Circle and Group Activity – Time to check in, sing songs, read a book, and share with friends.

Transition Time – Bathroom and snack.

Enrichment Provider – Dedicated activity with an expert provider in Art, Language, Lego, Music, Cooking, Gymnastics, Yoga, and more!

Closing Circle and Pick up – See you next time!

High Quality

Teaching Ratio – 6:1

Class Capacity – 12 children- allows for supported social skills

Grouping – We connect kids by age for the best experience.

Leadership – Our fabulous Director is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and is hands-on during each activity.

Consistency and Variety – Each week builds on the last for fluid learning over 10 weeks. Then, we rotate learning modules with our expert providers each semester.

semester Schedule

Fall 2019- Sept. 9- Nov. 22 *11-week semester

Winter 2020- Jan. 6-March 12

Spring 2020- March 16- May 29

NO Class – Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Presidents’ Day, April 13-17. Check out our School Holiday Camp Schedule!

Friday Make-ups – Will meet on Friday if holiday falls on a Monday.

Check out our School Holiday Camp Schedule!