Our quality partners are so important and together we develop well-rounded kids.  



creativity and fine motor development

Art by Children’s Art Center for Creativity and Fine Motor Development: Many of the motions used in creating art are essential to the fine motor development of young children.  Art gives children an opportunity to create, make decisions, problem solve, and think critically.  It has a role in education to encourage children to think like themselves instead of like everyone else.. 



steam learning and cooperative play

Lego Engineering by Brickspace for STEAM Learning and Cooperative Play:  Children are natural engineers.  Experience with Lego helps boost confidence, initiates creativity, and requires collaboration.  Learning through this widely accepted avenue of play, children are exploring, challenged, and achieve successes that build an inquisitive nature and a greater awareness of how things work.



Gross motor movement and literacy

Music by Blue Bear School of Music for Gross Motor Movement, Language, and Literacy:  Music helps the body and mind work together.  Exposing children to music during early development helps them to learn sounds and meanings of words.  Music is proven to strengthen memory skills.  In addition, dancing to music gives children a vehicle to practice self-expression and build motor skills.



Coordination and Teamwork

Sports by Empower Me Academy and Tumbling by Head Over Heels for Coordination and Teamwork:  Being a part of an organized sports experience enhances a child’s physical and emotional growth.  It provides children with the necessary physical activity for their growing bodies and can increase strength and coordination.  A positive team experience can encourage better relationships, greater self-esteem and self-discipline.



Body Awareness and Self-Regulation

Yoga by It's Yoga Kids® for Body Awareness and Self-Regulation: The practice of yoga leads to self-discovery and inquisitiveness.  It builds self-esteem and self-respect.  In a society filled with constant time constraints and stress, yoga can alleviate anxiety.  It also enhances strength, motor coordination and self-regulation skills.


Culinary Artistas.JPG

sensory experience and culture

Cooking by Culinary Artistas for Sensory Experience and Culture: