Pre-Writing Skills


At Enrich Play Learn, we are all about building on foundational skills through developmentally appropriate activities within a small, structured, group setting. As a pediatric OT, I am always incorporating activities into our daily routine to work on developmental skills.  These kiddos are old 3 and young 4 and are just learning how to identify and write letters. Our current theme is COLORS. So, I had them each reach into the “magic bag” to pick out a laminated color dot, match that color to a colored marker, and trace their letter by connecting dashes. The color part of this is easy peasy for them (though I still get the occasional 3-year-old who get some colors wrong).  Tracing the letters is a bit more difficult. Can they draw a straight line and remain on the dashes? Can they hold the marker okay? Are they falling over when they are kneeling at the vertical surface? Did they even find the correct letter?! This requires a lot of different skills! Especially when the tracing is happening on a vertical surface! You need core strength, proximal strength, visual-motor coordination, appropriate grasp patterns, letter recognition, ability to color match, and probably more I am not touching on!